CutOrchid Cymbidium in particular

Campaign for cut cymbidiums

The promotional campaign for cut cymbidiums is an initiative by the Dutch cut cymbidium growers. They are united in the Cut Cymbidium promotional committee and the FPC Cut Orchids. We would like to inspire and inform florists and consumers with the multifaceted nature of Cymbidium orchids. 
Cymbidiums are an exceptional product, and consumers certainly appreciate this flower. Florists can particularly differentiate themselves with cymbidiums in exciting product combinations and impressive bouquets. We challenge florists to produce creations and surprising combinations with cut cymbidiums - either on their own or with other exceptional flowers - which have simplicity, calm, idiosyncrasy and style. Within the campaign activities there is a close collaboration with wholesalers, florists’ organisations and trade media. 

Tips for presentation

Display orchids by colour and variety. This looks attractive and will enhance the turnover speed. Remove any sprays of dead flowers...

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